Australia's migrant onboarding app

An app for migrants in Australia to connect with local businesses and communities.
Launching in 2018 on the App Store and Google Play.
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Find a job

An app to match migrants to the employers based on your skills, availability, and location.

Meet new friends

Connections will connect you to your or any community and bring all the community, social, and sporting events to you.

Get upskilled

Connections will provide customised feedback from employers to migrants and suggest relevant training partners.

Australian Migrant Journey

No one is left behind.

Francis Deng's story of endurance and hope, from Sudan to Ethiopia to Australia. A story of persistence bearing fruit.

Supported and Endorsed by

NAB Parramatta City Council Parramatta Chamber of Commerce NRL UIA Luvo Cheddr Pieno 3 Olives Barringtons Beyond Diversity Genpact

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