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Connections – Your one stop mobile app connecting you to your new home

Connections Australia: Australia’s first multilingual mobile app connecting you to jobs, communities and settlement to Connections – Your one stop mobile app connecting you to your new home

We All Have Stories To Tell

Francis Deng

Rebuilding my life as a survivor of war

Francis Deng lost his family and home to violence and conflict in Sudan. The aspiring writer retells his journey of hope, opportunity and belonging as a refugee

Nadine Sherma

Leaving behind my family for a new beginning

Nadine Shema left her husband and son for 6 months to complete her public health education in Australia. She reflects on her own struggles as a migrant moving here for the first time.

Ali Pahlavan

No amount of fame could land me a Job

Although well-known back home, Iranian singer Ali Pahlavan couldn't rely on his reputation to find work in Australia. Learn about his experience and his own tips for getting hired internationally.

Dor Achiek

From danger to refuge: a second chance at life

From being a refugee himself, Dor Achiek now works with other refugees to help them settle into Australia. He shares his story on embracing a life he never once takes for granted.

Phil Zongo

Bridging the cultural gap

When Phil Zongo moved from Zimbabwe to Sydney for work, he found adapting to Australian culture challenging. Read more about his journey and the funny experiences he encountered along the way.


Australia’s fastest growing data-driven platform connecting you to jobs, communities and settlement

Connections Australia

Coffee Pods with Holly Ransom

What it takes to be a successful migrant in a new country – overcoming all social and professional barriers

Connections Australia

SBS News

Being a migrant brings social and professional challenges. It takes a migrant to build an innovative business to help other migrants, accelerate their settlement and job opportunities

Connections Australia

Exclusives Vignette 1 Final

An exploration of Rinku’s childhood and background, and how they reflect in her as a businesswoman/CEO today:

Connections Australia

Exclusives Vignette 2 Final

Rinku shares the hardships and challenges of her early life in Australia:

Connections Australia

Exclusives Vignette 3 Final

Rinku explores the issues facing migrants today and why the Connections app can solve them:

Connections Australia

Exclusives Vignette 4 Final

Rinku talks about product features of Connections app: Life, Careers & community:

Connections Australia

Indus Age video interview

Connections representing cultural inclusivenessand how technology can be used for social good


Social Impact

Innovation leads to inclusion and integration. We believe technology has every potential to change the way we think and live.

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